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• Max. Splice Capacity: (24) Single fusion

• Configuration: In-Line or Butt Splice

• Port Quantity: 2 (1 each end)

• Application: Direct buried, below grade, pole/wall mount or aerial

• A cost effective solution for quick restoration of damaged/ cut fiber service drops

• Tested in accordance to TR-NWT-000251 by an independent outside lab

• Available in flame retardant material

• Factory installed gasket allows re-entry and re-use

• Flexible grommet sealing technology supports a wide range of flat or round cable profiles

• Quick to assemble, no special tools required

• Flat shape allows for mounting in small areas

• Utilizes the LITE-GRIP® Splice Block System which permits single fusion, mass fusion, mechanical, PLC splitters or a combination of all within one closure

Price: $49.10


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    The COYOTE LCC’s compact size, use of the versatile grommet system and internal LITE-GRIP® Splice Platform are designed to make this rugged closure the economical choice for new installations and critical repair situations.

    For Single Fusion. Includes: (1) 7-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003676 and (1) 12-Hole Grommet: Cat. #8003796

    All Fiber Kits Include: (2) Grommets, (3) LITE-GRIP® Splice Blocks, (1) Splice Platform, (1) Dual Strength Member Bracket, (1) L Bracket, Fiber Management Clips and Misc. Hardware

    • Size: 14" L x 6.5" W x 2.4" D

    • Re-Enterable
    • Re-Usable
    • Hermetically Sealed
    • Free- Breathing
    • Aerial 4 Pole/Wall Mount
    • Below Grade
    • Direct Buried
    • Flame Retardant