• Virtually invisible with minimal disruption– for greater acceptance, take rates, and revenue
  • Faster, easier plug and play solution – to enable lower installed cost
  • 2X faster than tape based systems
  • No field termination required, auto slack management Immediate repositioning possible, tighter bond vs tape to various surfaces
  • Up to 25 corners and 132 feet, with through wall option covering most ILU needs
  • Protected within natural grooves and pathways within the living unit 
Price: $79.44


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    Greater use of low cost “desktop” ONTs is now driving the need for low visibility, faster fiber routing inside living units. The OFS EZ-Bend® InvisiLight™ Optical Solution is a revolutionary new system that enables fast, easy, virtually invisible in-residence fiber drop connections. The installer uses an innovative, simple process to adhere a tiny (< 1 mm diameter) micro-drop fiber into the grooves between molding and walls or ceilings, resulting in a protected fiber link that blends seamlessly into the residence. OFS’ EZ-Bend Fiber enables the EZ-Bend InvisiLight Optical Solution to be routed around the many corners in a residence with negligible signal loss, enabled by its 2X - 3X better tight bending performance than competing ultra-bend insensitive fibers. The Invisilight plug and play solution reduces the need for field terminations and solves the slack management challenge through an innovative auto-slack manager.

    Invisilight Kit includes: 1 each Connectorized SCA/SCA 900um Fiber Spool, 1 each Wall Mount Module w/SCA Adapter, 6 each Inside Corner Protectors, 6 each Outside Corner Protectors, 4 each Hole Plugs and Caps, 1 each Corner Anchor, and 1 each Thru Wall Tool. NVSLGHTC-D-SCASCA-MODULEKIT-40M-EA.