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  • Integrated toning wire: Helps reduce installation cost (no hardware/transition box or separate locating tape/wire needed)
  • Faster, easier handling: toning wire easily separated from cable by hand with no special tools needed
  • Compact installation and storage: flexible design for easy slack storage in small spaces 
  • Color options: choice of optically visible orange, black or white jackets 
  • Streamlined slack storage: simply coil and bury extra slack in the ground, thereby eliminating a slack box  
  • Fast, easy, low loss splicing to G.652D fi ber with existing core and clad aligned splice equipment 
  • Familiar, standard connector termination: Standard industry SCA connectors are available 
  • Greener Solution: Free of heavy metals and RoHS compliant
Price: $702.39


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    With the new EZ-Bend® 4.8 mm Toneable Indoor/Outdoor Cable, users now have yet another option for MDU, in-home wiring and aggressive, space-constrained routing environments. This toneable, riser-rated cable was specifi cally designed with the durability to be buried and then installed in one continuous run from the street into the home. In this way the EZ-Bend Toneable Cable eliminates the need for transition boxes and hardware on the outside of the living unit while also facilitating fast cable location along with cable bonding and grounding.